Tuesday, March 4, 2014

These are my Biscuit Oscar Choices for 2014

These are my Biscuit Oscar Choices for 2014 just done for fun and thrills.
These are people i think deserve some kind of an award in 2014.  

Best Blogger-Bock McMillan 

Best Boyfriend-Marly Moon

Best Brother-MJ Burner and Stallion Pizzaro

Best Builder-Floyd Arun

Best Dressed-Zodius Brunswick and Floyd Arun

Best DeeJay-Cupric Router and Regi Yifu

Best Designer-Fordis Flores

Best Father-Less Bright

Best Friend-Scott Lens

Best Girlfriend-Sin Sykes

Best Husband-Ohiomike Lockjaw

Best Mother-Sabor Skytower

Best Performer-Hottie B Lockjaw

Best Photographer-JJ Goodman and Finn Millar

Best Wingman-Cupric Router

Most Fabulous-Ginger Snap, Dymond Khaos, and Fordis Flores

Most Improved-JJ Goodman

Most Stylish-Guyke Lundquist

Shoe Slut-Willi Georgette

Solid Effort-Karl Kalcheck and Black Lion

Perfect Attendance-Ginger Snap

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