Friday, March 20, 2009

March 2009

Hot Designer Deviod Aeon

Hot on design with Deviod

One of the most awesome designers on Seond Life.

He is sexy and hot and can make you a furniture set or skybox made for a gay god.

He also has several stores in second life.

Rebel alternative wear you can check his profile picks for locations.

Currently he is dating if he gives u a chance i highly recomend him.

He is very witty and smart and a fun man to be around he is totally awesome.

If you see him out and about give him a holler.

The Brothers Private but nasty!!!!


A brand new club for all you hot orgy studs who like it anyway but loose.

Boasting everything from bondage to kink from mild to wild.

If you are interested in the brothers please send an im to the awesome and very hot Jeb Nichols.

Folsom Fetish Factory

Folsom Fetsish Factory

One of the longest open sex clubs here in second life.

This warehouse style club offers youa extreme sexual bdsm trip.

Boasting a sex garage and wrestling area it is a place to be.

this venue includes a sunday dance event called Folsom Freak.

starring seconds lifes hotest crew.

Sweet sexy Daddy Dejerrity Myrcon,Kip Ashbourne,Dj Hotboy

Ryoma Vayandar,Jimmie Vidor,and Graydirk Enoch.

Tis club also has severeal fantasy palkces for about every sexual desire you can think of from mud wrestling to the boss.

Quin Burner

One fo the sexiest and hotest men in sl.....

Let me say Quin is funny, outgoing, dancing fool.

Shy at first but not in that way.

He is a beach boy so you can find him

in his boardshorts and flipflops on some of sl's finest beaches.

He is a lnd owner has a awesome open floor plan house with lots of awesome views.

He is single in sl and like to have a rocking hot sexual time.

Give him a holler if you want the real thing bitch!!!!