Thursday, June 7, 2012

Trailer Life at Submission-Rentals and more!!!

We are an open community of guys who enjoy living in a trashy trailer park. Each tenant has his own parcel. But, of course,
    the neighbors just might want to drop in and see what you’re up to. 
    We live like a bunch of guys with nothing to hide and no way to hide it.
    We’re a rough and rowdy bunch of redneck trailer trash looking for a good time. If that’s you, y’all cum on down and join us
    at the Trailer Park @ [submission]  !
    The Trailer Park at [submission] is built around the Main Building at the center of the park. 
    Here we have a Club and Radio Station plus a Diner and Bar. The clubhouse, an open club building to play pool, eat, drink
    a few beers or just hang out, will be available for a tenant’s own events too. 
    Of course, everything should first be coordinated with the heads of the daily planning staff. Then bring your best buds and
    party hard. The REGION at [submission], an ADULT SIM, can hold 100 of the roughest players and hardest partiers. 
    The Trailer Park won’t break easy and we don’t think you will either. 
    Surrounding the Main Building are parking lots for some trashy trucks and a few of your favorite shops. 
    At the TRAILER PARK you’ll also find a public shower room and restroom. And of course, tenants should feel good sharing
    everything openly… a barbecue, a beer or even a shower. But we also respect privacy.
    A community for men who enjoy the rough and rowdy lifestyle, where the only crime is sitting quiet. 
    If the trailer’s a rockin’ feel free to be a knockin’ !

Pure luxury on the TRAILER TRASH PARK! 
    We rent TRAILERS on your own individual parcels.
    INCLUDED FEATURES:  - Trailer + 300 prims
                                             - own music-stream
                                             - own Parcel name
                                             - description in 'about land'
    R E N T A L     O P T I O N   1: 
    Waterfront  Parcel + Trailer: 850l$ / 300 prims

    R E N T A L     O P T I O N   2: 
    Inner  Park Parcel + Trailer: 650l$ / 300 prims

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