Sunday, May 24, 2009

Second pride photos by ohiomike lockjaw

The impulse pride booth shining bright like a beacon of pride
Caleb throwing it down

Clay working it out

clay again on main dance floor working

clay again woohoo

Me at main stage at pride i was so proud

working the pride the hell out!!!!

grand and fabulous hah

from the second half of the pride booth

mike muh hubbie working his kilt hot hot hot

Gray as the pride pea cock woohoo

The crowd at my mainstage performance!!!!!

Drew and Benu my sponsors for secondpride who made it possible for me to take my sounds to the crowds at the mainstage

the awesome front floor crowd with all my bestest friends in sl

Thanks goes out to the best most suportive other half in my life.

Ohiomike Lockjaw for these awesome pictures of second pride.

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